A Pioneering Force in Video Sculpture

Born in Zurich in 1964, MARCK has established himself as an internationally acclaimed artist renowned for his innovative fusion of sculpture and video. His unique video sculptures transcend traditional artistic boundaries, creating multi-sensory art objects that not only convey information but also evoke deep emotional responses. These works are distinguished by their versatile and high aesthetic standards, making MARCK a distinctive figure in contemporary art.

The term “sculpture” in MARCK’s work underscores the three-dimensionality and materiality of his creations. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, emphasizing the tangible, physical presence of the objects. This hands-on approach highlights the artisanal quality of his art, setting it apart in an era dominated by digital manipulation. The interplay between the video content and its sculptural frame is central to his work, creating a dynamic relationship that challenges traditional perceptions of art and media.

A particular focus of MARCK’s art is the examination of human thought patterns, especially in relation to societal limitations and restrictions. He delves into both externally imposed and self-imposed boundaries, compelling viewers to reflect on their own perspectives on social constraints. MARCK´s Oeuvre challenges entrenched societal norms and encourages a reconsideration of these limitations.

MARCK’s sculptures are conceived as fragments of our “mental cinema,” offering viewers an open-ended narrative that they must complete themselves. This participatory element invites personal interpretation, making each viewer an active participant in the artistic experience. By doing so, MARCK not only engages the audience on an intellectual level but also on an emotional and psychological plane.

His works have been acquired by numerous renowned institutions such as the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, DE, the Grande Finale Museum, FR, the Dosan Artcenter, Korea, or the Artcenter Istanbul, Turkey, and are highly sought after by private collectors. Since 2007, MARCK has been shown internationally in more than 200 solo and group exhibitions.

MARCK Schwarzes, black hair, screen, iron frame, loop 00:23:00, 54 x 33 x 10 cm, Edition 5 + 1AP
MARCK, With the eyes of the opposite, 2021, screens, iron, loops, 3 x 43 x 15 cm