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Margarete Adler


Margarete Adler

Beauty on a grand scale

Margarete Adler (*1967 in Greifswald, Germany) is a German sculptor who lives and works in Berlin. Adler’s remarkable foray into the art world at the age of 50 challenges the boundaries of conventional artistic ascent and age restrictions, distinguished by her outstanding talent. What sets Margarete Adler apart is not only the beauty of her sculptures but also the thoughtful and intricate process behind each piece. Unlike many artists who churn out numerous works annually, Margarete Adler meticulously crafts only 3 to 5 sculptures per year. This deliberate pace is a testament to her unwavering dedication to precision. The creation of a Margarete Adler sculpture is a journey in itself, one that spans conceptualization, meticulous measurement of models, painstaking hand sculpting, casting in polyurethane, and finally, intricate hand-painting. Each step in the process is executed with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that every sculpture is a masterpiece in its own right.

Adler’s oeuvre consistently explores the multifaceted and often contradictory nature of human emotions and relationships. Her inaugural cycle, “Mutterliebe,” serves as a poignant examination of the ambivalence inherent in maternal love. Embracing the principle of “both and,” her work captures the simultaneous presence of nurturing and wounding, healing and harm. Through a series of six sculptures, she traverses the spectrum of human experience, from infancy to old age, encapsulating the transformative journey from daughter to mother.

Her sculptures, with their anatomical precision and perfect beauty, initially captivate with their external allure. Yet, upon closer inspection, the viewer is confronted with cracks and seams, symbolic of deeper, concealed emotional worlds. This deliberate interplay between outer perfection and inner complexity invites a profound reflection on the invisible depths of human existence.

Adler’s art transcends mere aesthetic appeal, engaging with broader societal norms, role models, and traditions. By revealing the imperfections beneath the surface, she challenges the viewer to question and reassess ingrained beliefs and emotions. Her work provokes an introspective dialogue about the dualities and contradictions that define the human condition.

Adler’s debut series “Mother’s Love” premiered in 2020 at the duo exhibition “The Mute and the Screaming,” alongside the renowned German portrait artist Cornelia Schleime at Gallery AOA;87. Since then, Adler’s works have been prominently featured in a series of international exhibitions across Miami, Basel, and Germany, showcasing her dynamic range and thematic depth. Adler’s works form part of esteemed collections including the Sberbank Collection in Russia, the Europapark Art Collection in Germany, and various private collections, affirming her significant impact on the contemporary art scene.

Margarete Adler, Silent Maids or a Kimono for the Dead | Portrait Seika, 2018 – 2019, clay modeled, cast in polyurethane, oil paint, brass wire, 101 x 53 x 40 cm, Edition 3 + 1 AP
Margarete Adler, Loves me, loves me not | Portrait Rosalie, 2019 – 2020, clay modeled, cast in polyurethane, oil paint, brass wire, 82 x 51 x 50 cm, Edition 3 + 1 AP
Margarete Adler, portrait of Hermann, 2021, clay modeled, cast in polyurethane, oil paint, skull, glass, 87 x 55 56 cm, courtesy of private collection