Layering Void 

28. Jun — 02. Aug 2024

The upcoming exhibition „Layering Void“ will feature artist Noriko Ambe enveloping the gallery in expansive, spatial installations, complemented by video works from Mami Kosemura. Ambe’s meticulous technique of cutting and layering paper will create intricate, sculptural forms that evoke both topographical and organic imagery, offering viewers a meditative journey through time and space. Enhancing this immersive environment, the show will feature video works by Mami Kosemura, whose visual narratives will complement Ambe’s installations, adding layers of depth and introspection. Together, their works will transform the gallery into a serene and reflective sanctuary, encouraging a profound engagement with the present moment.

The Japanese artist Noriko Ambe (*1967, Saitama) has been creating intricate, sculptural works in her „Linear-Actions“ series since 1999 by meticulously cutting and layering hundreds to thousands of sheets of paper. These delicate creations evoke topographical and organic forms. Through precise paper cutting and layering, fine lines emerge, resembling the growth rings of a tree, representing not only the physical structure of the paper but also a metaphorical journey through time. Each cut and layer signifies a past moment, with the cross-sections symbolizing the intervals between countless layers of time that permeate the existence of a piece. For Ambe, this act of following the form or gradation connects her to the present moment, producing a fragment of the „now.“ Her artwork serves as an interface between the material world and its spiritual dimension, akin to a rhythmic background beat.

The act of cutting has become her „language of expression.“

Noriko Ambe lives and works in New York City, USA, and Saitama, Japan. She completed her education at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and has received numerous grants and awards. Her works are included in prestigious collections such as the Whitney Museum of American Art. With the presentation by AOA;87 at Paper Positions Berlin 2024, the artist won bronze in the Paper Art Award, bestowed by the Haus des Papiers. A group exhibition of the award winners opens on June 15 at the Haus des Papiers.

Noriko Ambe Wave 2, 2002/2023, paper, stainless steel holder, 63,5 x 142,3 x 8,9 cm, detail view
Noriko Ambe, Cover: A story of art, 2024, altered book “The Story of Art”
Noriko Ambe, A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.43, 2024 YUPO, glue, 15 x 15 x 12 cm