26. Apr 2024


Holger Schmidhuber dedicates himself to canvas painting with a blend of tradition and innovation. His works attest to a deep understanding of the craft and a quest for new forms of expression. Inspired by the abstraction of the New York School and the gesture of Abstract Expressionism, he explores the essence of the medium of painting and its relationship to the external world. In doing so, he questions traditional painting genres and creates a new pictorial genre. With a mixture of improvisation and planned structure, Schmidhuber creates complex yet accessible artworks that challenge and invite the viewer to immerse themselves in them. His works reflect not only the past and present of painting but also the dynamics between images, viewers, and the world around them. This narrative unfolds through his latest publication, which will be launched at the Gallery Weekend Berlin 2024.

Editor: AOA;87 + Teunen Collection

Publisher: Dreizeichen Verlag, Berlin 

Design: Fuenfwerken Design

Author: Prof. Dr. Thomas Meder

Photography: Marcus Michaelis, Robertino Nikolic, Holger Schmidhuber

60.00 € — ISBN 978-3-9816193-8-6