20. Sep 2023

With a spicy glimpse of yellow

This catologue accompanied the group exhibition „With a spicy glimpse of yellow“, 2023/2024 curated by Helga Schmidhuber. In the work of selected contemporaries, she searched for the auratic in the floral, essential and expressive and found precious jewels. The cross-genre show featured works by artists Dana Greiner, Ann-Kristin Hamm, Simone Lucas, Manfred Peckl and Helga Schmidhuber.

In his characteristically surreal and avant-garde language, Manfred Peckl guides readers through the exhibition „With a spicy glimpse of yellow“.

„Dana Greiner is tex zellent, Ann-Kristin
Hamm phän omen al, Helga Schmidhuber
isteh fan tast isch, Simone Lucas sog ran
dios, Manfred Peckl is tsens ati on ell.
Ihr jeweils universelles Bildvokabular ist
kulturübergreifend gültig, Weltsprachen.“

– Manfred Peckl

10.00 € — ISBN 978-3-00-076493-6