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The Zurich born artist MARCK (*1964) debuted as popular video artist in 2007 at the SCOPE art fair in Miami. Since then MARCK was part of numerous exhibitions and renowned art fairs world wide. His works have been purchased by institutions including the Docan Art Center, Korea, the Artcenter Istanbul and are sought after by private collectors. Prior to his breakthrough MARCK worked in music and media art, subsequently training in media design and multimedia production. This background helps him to formulate his ‚commentaries on society’ into video sculptures made of screens that are framed by cladding conducive to the meaning.

The piece Pandoras Box (2007) showing a trapped naked woman epitomizes MARCK’s main motif – de-personalised women in boxes – and made him a famed artist over night. MARCK’s oeuvre is characterized by confinement and claustrophobia; he choses themes that encapsulate situations one would want to break out of. Employing craftsmanship and technical innovation, he always depicts his themes on two levels: fusing the filmed and the sculptural and blurring the lines between installation and sculpture.

Women are being seen through the lens of men, who often read eroticism into MARCK’s works, thereby doing ironically precisely what the artist is criticizing society for. Women’s interpretations usually differ, they read their own social roles into the screen. Both ways, the work stimulates emotions through identification, MARCK’s primary vehicle to convey his ideas, while offering an entirely open reading to the viewer.

Turkish Bath (2008) is a key work created after a visit to Turkey. The woman appears to enjoy floating around freely but is obviously being confined by the tub as if held captured – by society, men, or herself? MARCK investigates boundaries, both imposed and self-imposed, and asks the viewer to reflect on their own views on boundaries and limitations. 

This ambiguity around such limitations to freedom of women and their role in society is where the power of MARCK’S work lies and thus the pivotal attraction in every single piece of art. To him, the video sculptures are a clip of the personal cinema in our minds while the wider stories are to be completed by viewers individually. 

Truly remarkable and unique is the subtle yet tangible play on our very own relationship with transience. Lovers of MARKS’s art and buyers in particular will face questions of transience roughly 15 years into the life of the sculpture: That’s when repairs of the screen will likely be necessary. In our fast-moving age the artist thus assigns full responsibility to the owner to decide whether to lay hands on an artwork and poses questions around the transience of art as well as our very own. 



MARCK’s video sculptures have been shown internationally in more than 100 exhibitions and his works can be seen in numerous private and public collections, including the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany, the Grande Finale Museum, France, the Dosan Artcenter, Korea, or the Artcenter Istanbul, Turkey.

Exhibitions (excerpt since 2015)

2021 Art Miami USA

2021 Art021 Shanghai CN

2021 ARTRIO Rio de Janeiro Brasil

2019 Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden DE

2019 Lichtfeld Gallery Basel CH

2019 art KARLSRUHE Germany

2019 Heitsch Gallery, Munich DE

2018 Gilles Clement Gallery, Greenwich CT, USA

2018 Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden DE

2018 Art Miami , Florida, USA

2018 ART Hong Kong Autum

2018 Laurent Marthaler, Montreux, CH

2017 Blue Rider Art Taipei City, Taiwan

2017 Mirat projects Gallery Mardrid, Spain

2017 Laurent Marthaler, Montreux, CH

2017 Borusan Contemporary Istanbul Turkey

2016 Gallery _Z, Hard, Austria

2016 Von Braunberens Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany

2016 Heitsch Gallery Munich, Germany

2015 Von Braunberens Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany

2015 Annemarie Andersen Gallery Zurich Swizerland

2015 Anna Zorina Gallery NYC

2015 Triennale of Sculpture -Bad Ragaz Switzerland

2015 Barbarian gallery Zurich