Sep 08 — Oct 28, 2023

With the carefully curated exhibition “bewegt” (Moved), AOA;87 presents some highlights from their program to mark the opening of their Berlin location. Artists Bodo Korsig, MARCK, and Margarete Adler, represented directly by AOA;87, have created new works specifically for the opening exhibition: the interactive video installation “Shattering Dreams, 2023” by Bodo Korsig and the collaborative piece by Margarete Adler and MARCK – “Who Am I?, 2023”. For the first time, the entire cycle “MOTHER LOVE” by Berlin sculptor Margarete Adler is presented, in which the artist portrays Berlin women and their unique developmental stories. Gallery owner Angela Kohlrusch juxtaposes contemporary positions with the work “Spherical Hollow Mirror Object, 1970” by German conceptual artist Adolf Luther, expanding the understanding of the title “bewegt”.

The exhibition title “bewegt” encompasses a variety of implications that address physical as well as metaphorical, emotional, or intellectual movements. It refers to moments of inspiration and wonder and is related to human freedom, responsibility, and the ability to recreate one’s own identities and social structures. 

A highlight of the exhibition is the interactive video installation “Shattering Dreams, 2023” (1300 x 330 cm) by Bodo Korsig. “Shattering dreams” creates a world where oversized spiders crawl along the walls and pursue visitors. Visitors have the opportunity to escape the spiders, but they can also choose to bravely confront and fend them off. “Shattering Dreams” playfully invites viewers to face their fears and explore them. It also allows us to show empathy and compassion for the fears of others. It reminds us that overcoming fears is a lifelong process. 

The manually modeled sculpture “Wer bin ich?” by Margarete Adler is a fragmented portrait of a woman consisting of the interplay of various faces or masks that she removes. Are they facets of her personality, acquired defense mechanisms, or masks of self-deception? The open back of the head is filled with video projections by video sculpture artist MARCK, with protruding cables reminiscent of Pandora, often depicted with snake-like hair. This creates an additional layer of symbolism and mystique. The videos shown present various “I” projections of our fears, our relationships, and our search for our own identity. 

Another highlight is that visitors will become part of an artwork by MARCK during the opening event. The cameraman G M D THREE will film the visitors, after which MARCK will integrate these recordings into a work that will be shown during the exhibition. Thus, the exhibition “bewegt” illuminates the connection between art, interaction, and the search for one’s own identity in a world dominated by digital media. 

By juxtaposing the Spherical Hollow Mirror Object, 1970 by Adolf Luther, one of the leading representatives of the post-war avant-garde, gallery owner Kohlrusch opens the dialogue between past and present. This creates a tension that allows viewers to explore and understand the development of art over time.

bewegt, Bodo Korsig, Margarete Adler, MARCK, Adolf Luther, installation view, AOA;87 Berlin, 2023
bewegt, Bodo Korsig, Margarete Adler, MARCK, Adolf Luther, installation view, AOA;87 Berlin, 2023
bewegt, Bodo Korsig, Margarete Adler, MARCK, Adolf Luther, installation view, AOA;87 Berlin, 2023