Mar 23 — May 18, 2024

AOA;87 is proud to present the solo exhibition “LIFE” by Iranian artist Henrik Abedian. The conceptual works from the eponymous series “LIFE” offer a captivating exploration of perspectives and conventions. These pieces invite visitors to contemplate reality from a constructivist standpoint, subtly reflecting on the significance of viewpoints and possibilities. Through his works, Abedian challenges the viewer not to perceive the world as something rigid and unchanging, but rather as something shaped by our perception and interpretation.

Henrik Abedian was born in 1966 in Tehran, Iran. He completed his photography studies in Hamburg, Germany. The artist currently resides and works in Atlanta, USA.

Henrik Abedian, Y Not?, 2022. cycle: Life, acrylic, 203,2 × 119,38 cm
Henrik Abedian, Life, 2023, digital composite on acrylic glass 91,44 × 91,44 cm, framed, Edition: 10 + 3 AP
Henrik Abedian, Touch Me, 2021. Zyklus: Life, acrylic, wood, 109,22 × 30 x 14 cm, framed, Edition 25
Henrik Abedian Clarity, 2023. Zcycle: Life, digital composit, archival pigment print on acrylic glass, 91,44 × 91,44 cm, framed, Edition 25