Jul 22 — Sep 16, 2023

AOA;87 Bamberg presents the solo exhibition “ZEITSTURZ” by the German multimedia artist Bodo Korsig. In the exhibition, the artist showcases various media from his extensive body of work, such as cutouts in felt and wood from the series “window of the mind,” LED light installations featuring slogans like “Balance,” “enough,” and “Intensity of the moment,” woodcuts, glass objects, and video (see “ARRIVAL below”).

Bodo Korsig, the artist residing in New York and Trier (*1962, Zwickau), has been exploring cut-outs in his artistic practice since the early 2000s. He began integrating this technique into his sculptures and installations to create three-dimensional forms and spaces that evoke a special effect through the interplay of light and shadow. In his work, Korsig delves into the boundaries of philosophy and science by questioning personal identity, examining how the human mind is composed, and exploring how these boundaries can be influenced by extreme conditions.

In addition, AOA;87 displays the three-part video installation “Arrival” by Bodo Korsig, which was created for the Biennale de Dakar 2022, where it premiered.

The three-part video installation “Arrival” immerses viewers in a serene yet ominous visual realm. Ethereal underwater sounds and spoken poetry contribute to an eerie atmosphere within the piece.

Two contrasting scenes are juxtaposed, which do not differ so much from each other. Smoking chimneys frame underwater worlds where plastic bottles wriggle like a slumbering monster. “Arrival” depicts the contrast between the beauty of our planet and how it is increasingly destroyed by human interventions. In every square kilometer of water, vast amounts of plastic float, while marine life struggles to survive in a polluted environment.

Similarly, we as humans – the veil of mist becomes particularly prominent in large cities and urban centers.

The video criticizes the lack of willingness to break free from the affluent society and addresses the skewed distribution of wealth that further propels us into a negative spiral.

Reversing current trends in arms policies would free up resources to address real global issues (such as environmental policy, pandemics, climate change, poverty, etc.) in a concrete manner.

Editing: Bonko Karadjov 

Voice: Richard Dannenberg (engl.) | Bonko Karadjov (dt.)

Composition: Julia Mihaly 

Camera: Bodo Korsig

Lyrik: Scardanelli

Bodo Korsig, Arrival, 2022, video, freeze frame
Bodo Korsig, traces of life, 2020, felt, 140 x 100 cm
Bodo Korsig, Break the Limit, 2023, wood and paper, 27 × 21 cm
Bodo Korsig, Enough, 2023. illuminated lettering, 50 × 10 × 5 cm, courtesy of private collection
Bodo Korsig, Zeitenwende, 2023, wood and paper, 27 x 21 cm, courtesy of private collection
Bodo Korsig, Balance, 2023, illuminated lettering, 80 x 50 x 5 cm