Nov 03 — Dec 22, 2023

AOA;87 Berlin presents the solo exhibition TIME COLLAPSE by the German multimedia artist Bodo Korsig. In the exhibition, the artist showcases various media from his extensive body of work, such as cutouts in felt and wood from the series “window of the mind,” LED light installations featuring slogans like “Balance,” “enough,” and “Intensity of the moment,” woodcuts, glass objects, and video (see “ARRIVAL below”).

Bodo Korsig, the artist residing in New York and Trier (*1962, Zwickau), has been exploring cut-outs in his artistic practice since the early 2000s. He began integrating this technique into his sculptures and installations to create three-dimensional forms and spaces that evoke a special effect through the interplay of light and shadow. In his work, Korsig delves into the boundaries of philosophy and science by questioning personal identity, examining how the human mind is composed, and exploring how these boundaries can be influenced by extreme conditions.

Shattering dreams, 2023

The interactive video installation “Shattering dreams” by Bodo Korsig creates a world in which oversized spiders crawl along the walls and pursue the visitors. They have the opportunity to escape the spiders, but they can also choose to bravely confront and ward them off. “Shattering Dreams” playfully invites viewers to face their fears and explore them. It also allows us to show empathy and compassion for the fears of our fellow human beings. It reminds us that overcoming fears is a lifelong process.

Art Director: Bodo Korsig

Video Design: Bonko Karadjov

Composer: Felix Leuschner

Produced by AOA;87 2023

Shattering dreams, Bodo Korsig, installation view, AOA;87 Berlin, 2023
Bodo Korsig, Time crash, 2023, felt, 400 x 60 cm

Bodo Korsig, Intensity of the moment, 2023, illuminated lettering, Ø 120 x 5 cm
Bodo Korsig, Webs of life, 2021, felt, 145 x 130 cm