Introducing the Curator of Berlin Art Week: Onome Ekeh – A Visionary in Speculative Fiction

Jul 09, 2024

Onome Ekeh is set to curate the Berlin Art Week show at AOA;87, bringing her unique and interdisciplinary perspective to the event. Born and raised on both sides of the Atlantic, Ekeh began her artistic journey as a painter, later transitioning to design and cinema, ultimately embracing digital media and AI. Her interdisciplinary approach has led to a rich and diverse body of work that spans film, video, theater, literature, and radio.

Ekeh’s creative contributions have been recognized with numerous prestigious fellowships. She is a recipient of the Jerome Foundation Fellowship, the Greenwall Foundation Fellowship, the Turbulence Media Award, and a Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen Fellowship. Currently, Onome Ekeh resides and works in Basel, where she holds a position at the FHNW (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland).

Ha no kage,
Kaze ga wataru,
Hikari no kirameki

(Tree Shadows,
Wind passing through,
Glimmering light)


The show, “The Glittering Field: Tracking the Invisibility of Transmission,” explores the nature of transmission inspired by Basho’s haiku and Eduardo Kohn’s “How Forests Think.” The exhibition delves into themes of call and response, spirit, DNA, and the contemplation of the void. Featuring an array of artists, the show will examine communication across species, cultural transmission, and the unseen connections that bind us.


Details about the exhibition and all BAW-events will follow shortly.