Paper Positions Berlin

Paper Positions Berlin, 2024 | Featured artists: Bodo Korsig and Noriko Ambe

Apr 25, 2024

Apr 25 — 28, 2024 

AOA;87 presents the Japanese artist Noriko Ambe in dialogue with the German multimedia artist Bodo Korsig at PAPER POSITIONS 2024. Both artists create maps of inner worlds in their own individual ways, inviting viewers to engage with themselves.

Japanese artist Noriko Ambe (*1967, Saitama) creates delicate, sculptural works reminiscent of topographic and organic forms through the series of works titled “Linear-Actions,” which began in 1999. By cutting and layering hundreds to thousands of sheets of paper, she forms fine lines that bear a deep resemblance to the growth rings of a tree. These lines not only represent the physical structure of the paper but also a metaphorical journey through time. Each cut and layering represents a past moment, with the cut-out cross-sections symbolizing moments between the countless layers of time that permeate the existence of a work. For Ambe, this act of following form or gradation is a connection with the present moment. Through her work, she produces a piece of the “now,” considering the artwork as an interface between the material world and its spiritual dimension, akin to a rhythmic background beat.

The act of cutting has become her “language of expression.”

Noriko Ambe resides and works in New York City, USA, and Saitama, Japan. She completed her education at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and has received numerous scholarships and awards. Her works are included in prestigious collections such as the Whitney Museum of American Art.

The artist Bodo Korsig, living in New York and Trier (*1962, Zwickau), has been exploring cut-outs in his artistic practice since the early 2000s. He began integrating this technique into his sculptures and installations to create three-dimensional forms and spaces that evoke a special effect through the interplay of light and shadow. Korsig’s recent works from the series “Shoshin” focus on exploring liminality as a central theme, visualizing the invisible transitions and spaces that exist in our lives. His works encourage exploration of the “in-between” in one’s own life and reflection on the significance of transitions and changes. Thus, his artistic concept addresses not only aesthetic aspects but also enables profound philosophical engagement with human existence.

Bodo Korsig primarily engages in spatial installations, sculptures, and videos in his artistic practice, with a particular emphasis on addressing human behavioral patterns under extreme conditions.

Since the 1990s, Korsig has been featured in over 200 solo and group exhibitions internationally and has received numerous international awards and scholarships. He is represented in well over 50 museum collections, including the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., USA, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, the Collection Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, Germany, and the Czech Museum of Fine Arts Prague, Czech Republic.