Sound performance with Jarii van Gohl

Apr 27, 2024

Sa, Apr 27
from 19 h Sound performance with Jarii van Gohl

For Gallery Weekend Berlin 2024, AOA;87 presents, as part of the solo exhibition “MAYBE I’M A FOOL” by German multimedia artist Holger Schmidhuber, the sound artist Jarii van Gohl.

“Sound is everything and nothing else.”

– Jarii van Gohl

Discover at AOA;87 how sound encompasses everything and nothing else matters. Be there and experience a unique fusion of art and sound!

The exhibition “MAYBE I’M A FOOL” showcases Holger Schmidhuber’s quest for lost magic. Employing generative design tools and various AI systems, Schmidhuber overwhelms digital processes to the extent that phenomena like hallucination, amnesia, and unconsciousness pave the way for their own efficacy. Ultimately, Schmidhuber returns to painting, surprising with entirely new mixtures, transforming the “disenchantment of the world” into a fascinating enchantment.