AOA;87, founded by Angela Kohlrusch in 2020, is a contemporary art gallery located in Bamberg and Berlin. The gallery serves as a dynamic platform for contemporary artistic exploration and cultural and societal engagement, presenting both emerging and established artists, and showcasing a diverse array of mediums including painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, audio, and video.

At AOA;87, we believe that art transcends mere aesthetic appreciation; it is a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and profound societal reflection. Our mission is to explore the complexities of the human experience, challenge prevailing paradigms, and envision new possibilities through the transformative power of art.

We provide an environment where authenticity is celebrated and creative boundaries are pushed. Our commitment to supporting a wide range of artistic practices ensures that every exhibition is a testament to the breadth and depth of contemporary art. Collaborative projects and participatory events are integral to our ethos, encouraging artists to experiment and grow within a supportive community.

AOA;87 is a hub for cultural enrichment and intellectual engagement. Visitors can expect meticulously curated exhibitions that invite reflection and conversation, challenging viewers to see the world through new lenses. Our events are designed to democratize access to art, making it approachable and meaningful for people from all walks of life. By fostering a culture of openness and empathy, we aim to create an inclusive space where diverse perspectives can intersect and inspire.

Our vision extends beyond the gallery walls, aspiring to transform lives and communities through the universal language of art. At AOA;87, every interaction, whether with a piece of artwork or a fellow visitor, is an opportunity to contribute to a broader dialogue about our shared human experience.

Join us at AOA;87, where art becomes a conduit for connection, understanding, and change.

AOA;87 Berlin