Sound performance with Jarii van Gohl

May 29, 2024

Sa, May 29
20 h Sound performance with Jarii van Gohl

Mark your calendars! The next sound performance of JARII VAN GOHL will be happening on 29 May, 2024, at 8 pm. After the successful Gallery Weekend Berlin 2024, AOA;87 presents the next sound performance by Jarii van Gohl as part of the solo exhibition ‘MAYBE I’M A FOOL’ by German multimedia artist Holger Schmidhuber. “Sound is everything and nothing else.” – Jarii van Gohl The artist will persist in interacting with the works of the exhibition and will perform the next live sound performance. In doing so, the artist creates a synthesis of sound, light, and projections. Building upon the multifaceted works of Holger Schmidhuber, van Gohl crafts a sensory blend. An almost hallucinatory experience transports the viewer into a world of fragmented perceptions. Fluorescent light effects from blacklight, abstract projections onto the paintings, and an atmospheric sound transform the space into a diffuse image of patterns.