Oct 28, 2023 — Feb 10, 2024

AOA;87 presents “With a Spicy Glimpse of Yellow,” a group exhibition curated by the discerning eye of Helga Schmidhuber. In the curation of selected contemporaries, she endeavors to unearth the auratic essence within the realms of the floral, the existential, and the expressive, discovering precious jewels amidst the artistic landscape. This transcendent showcase traverses genres, promising a captivating exploration of artistic diversity and innovation.

Featured artists:
Dana Greiner
Ann-Kristin Hamm
Simone Lucas
Manfred Peckl
Helga Schmidhuber

Dana Greiner, renowned for her boundary-pushing work at the intersection of painting, music, film, and theater, utilizes digital media and 3D drawings to concurrently craft multiple works, placing the human experience at the forefront as both protagonist and observer.

Ann-Kristin Hamm conjures a potent dynamism through her visual language, melding seemingly fortuitous patterns with her distinctive aesthetic, generating compelling narratives within her compositions.

Simone Lucas encapsulates the mysteries and allure of visual worlds within her works, where paintings embody color as a tangible medium intertwining with figurative elements, inviting contemplation and immersion into realms both real and imagined.

Manfred Peckl defies categorization with a Dadaist touch, continuously pushing the boundaries of artistic expression by deftly weaving together diverse identities and mediums, thus challenging conventional definitions of his oeuvre.

Helga Schmidhuber draws inspiration from found objects within the flora and fauna, utilizing them as the genesis for her sculptures and paintings, which evolve into expansive installations. Through the artful assembly of collages comprising screens, taxidermy, skulls, sound, and more, painting emerges as the focal point of her experimental, multimedia practice.

Complementing the exhibition is an accompanying catalog, for which Manfred Peckl has provided free-form text, to guide the viewers through a selection of works.

Dana Greiner, Stay calm, think thrice, 2021, acrylic, acrylic marker, vinyl, graphite, iron and spray paint on canvas, 180 x 140 cm
Simone Lucas, A room of one’s own, 2022, oil and mixed media on canvas, 120 x 100 cm
Ann-Kristin Hamm, o.T., 2023, Acrylic, watercolor, gouache on canvas, 200 x 180 cm
Manfred Peckl, Art Ruined This Picture, 2018, paper on wood, UV-lacquer, 101 x 81 cm
Helga Schmidhuber, o.T., 2023, cycle: Petrichor – subconscious, mixed media on canvas, 190 x 260 cm